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If you have previously taken a course with us please call the office to add a course.


Are you currently enrolled in a local school within BC?

  • Courses for Grades 10 - 12 students: $35 per course
  • Courses for Grades 8 and 9 students: $215 per course
  • Core courses (English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, etc.) are subject to a $15 proctored exam fee.

Are you an adult student?

  • Non-graduated adults: $75 per course
  • Graduated students: $650 per course

Are you an international student?

  • Courses are $925 each.

Are you looking to take an AP exam?

  • AP Exam fees are in addition to any of the above stated fees. The cost of an AP exam is $200.
  • Additional costs might apply if you live outside of the Greater Vancouver and Okanagan area .

Additional Information

  • All fees must be paid in full at time of course or AP exam registration.
  • Course fees and exam fees are non refundable. However, courses may be exchanged for a different course at no cost.
  • All fees are based on a 4 credit course offering.
  • Fees are not eligible for tax receipts.

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